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5 Things You Never Wish You Threw Away As A Kid

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Let’s face it, kids don’t have a lot of foresight and rightly so, we had much better things to occupy our minds. However, now as a grown adult you can look back and realize what a mistake throwing some items away was. However, you may still have some of these, and if you do, jackpot.

5 Things You Threw Away You Shouldn’t Of

If you have any of these things, you should keep them as safe as you can, and self storage is the best place for that.

Nintendo 64 Gamesthrew away, nintendo

Named as the greatest gaming system of past century, the Nintendo 64 was owned and loved by millions when it was released in 1996. But did you know that some of those old games are now worth thousands of dollars? One game in particular comes to
mind, Zelda Ocarina of Time. If you have an unopened Zelda Ocarina of Time game, you could be expecting around $1500 on most auctions sites.

Jurassic Park Figurines

What kid doesn’t remember and love Jurassic Park. I know that we sure did. If you managed to keep any of the those toys in the packing, you could be in for $150 per item at least. So get digging or check your storage unit to make sure you don’t have any of these lying around.


tamagotchi, threw awayWhat a struggle it was keeping these things alive. From an egg to hopefully fully grown little creature, the Tamagotchi was a
global phenomenon.  If you still have one of these original toys you could sell if for hundreds of dollars.

Pokemon Cards

Pokemon has never died and some might say its even more popular now then it was back in 1997. However, even though they keep making the trading card game, pokemon, threw awaythe older, original cards are worth a lot of money. How much are they worth? If you have an Illustrator Pikachu card, its worth $100,000. WOW.

The Original Game Boy

A very outdated system by today’s standards, but these brought hours and hours of joy to many kids across the planet. This was one of the first systems created by Nintendo and they are worth a pretty penny now. If you have a functioning Game boy you could get yourself around $100 on most auction sites.

That’s it, go out and start digging around your childhood memories we are sure everyone has at least one of these items.


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