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Don’t toss these items, turn them into Furniture

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We are big believers in protecting the environment, and having less trash helps that. Did you know that their are many items that you will throw out that can be converted into great furniture pieces. Let us show you.

Furniture From Trash

Wooden Ladders

If your ladder has seen better day, it’s time to give it a freshen up. Sand the rungs and give a coat of paint or a nice stain and place it inside your bathroom. Each step can act like a shelf and you can hand towels from each rung. Talk about vintage, all your guests will be in awe of your creativity.

Piano Coffee Table

Unique coffee tables are all the rage now, reclaimed wood, pallets, you name it, it’s been turned into a coffee table. Time to retire you old piano and create the new center pieces for your living room. Simple saw the legs down to size, remove the internal components and polish the top. Instant, center piece and unique talking point.

Door Knockers

Door knockers can be the most unique things we have. With amazing designs and the antique appeal, its easy to re purpose these. You can use them on desks that need new handles, in the bathroom to hang towels from. We know this list is giving you a lot of ideas, so anything that you think can be re used, place inside our storage units while you think it over.


A lot of us here in PA has wooden window shutters due to the storms we get. If you are thinking about replacing yours, take the old ones and refurbish them into a headboard for your bed. Grab a sander and some paint that matches your current decor and get to it. Imagination is really important here, don’t rush, take your time.



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