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3 tips when friends help you move

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Moving is never fun, and it can be a lot of hard work. But with a few trusty friends your moving experience will be a lot less painful. But the problem is, most people when asked to help move run for the hills, myself included. So how do you convince your friends to help you move? Let us tell you…

Getting friends to help you move

Show you care

Remember your manners, they are doing you a favor, please and thank you go a long way. The day is going to be a long and tiring one and emotions can run high sometimes. People make mistakes, things get dropped but always, always show your appreciation to your helpers or this might be the last time they help you.


Oh, we cannot stress this one enough. Having a plan will make things go so much smoother and prevent unnecessary problems. Have the boxes ready, have the van or truck ready and have things packed. It also helps to have an affordable self storage company as well, for those things that don’t fit yet. As soon as your helpers arrive there should be something to do, standing around makes people feel like they are wasting time.


Pizza, beer, pizza, beer. The ultimate way to convince your friends to help, is to bride. Figure a moving company will cost you a couple hundred dollars, so spending a third of that on bribes should be a no brainer. Provide lunch, snacks and drink. Nothing is worse then a cheapskate friend. Promising to return the favor also works because now your friends know the first person they will be calling for help.

We hope this helps to convince your friends. Nothing makes moving fun like some good company. Have too much stuff during that move? Store it with Stop and Store York.

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