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January 19, 2017
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How To Downsize Like a Pro

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Downsizing is part and parcel of life. The kids leave the nest, the house becomes empty and its time to move. You may even just be moving to a new city and don’t have the luxury of affording a big home like you are used to. Well now you have no choice but to downsize. But how do you downsize? Let Stop and Store York tell you how.

How to Downsize

These tips are handy for all aspects of moving, not only downsizing, so keep them handy!

Recycle It

That’s right, when you are going through all your things, look for items that are easily recyclable. Old electronics, paper, glass, anything that your local recycling depot will take. Have things that you cannot recycle? Time to donate it.

Donate It

If your items are no longer useful to you, make it useful to someone else. This can be anything, old clothes, appliances, even cars. Be creative and try not to throw away as much as you can. No need to make more trash. Don’t want to recycle or donate? You have only got one option.

Store It

We all have items that mean too much to throw away or donate. So your option is to choose self storage. Even better, choose Stop and Store York. How can you make your storing more efficient? Follow our guide.

  • Store frequently used items in the front of the self storage unit, that way you don’t have to dig around each time you need something.
  • Always pack items flat to maximize your storage space. Even the small units can hold more than you think if packed right.
  • Label all your boxes to avoid confusing and make things that much easier to find.
  • Use the same size boxes so they stack easily
  • Heavy items on the bottom. You don’t want your expensive things being crushed.
  • Pack tightly to avoid moisture, even better, place some “Damprid” in the unit to ensure moisture stays away.
  • Keep a list of items that are in your unit and update when then leave.
  • Keep any eye out on the weather and make sure you items can stand the cold or the heat.

We hope this helps you in your downsizing journey. For more tips and tricks checkout our Blog. For a FREE quote on a storage unit, contact us today!

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