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Great Tailgating Tips

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Who doesn’t love a great tailgate, in fact, it might be even better than the game. For those seasoned tailgaters out there, you might know most of this information, but for those newbies, here are some tips to make your tailgate even better.

Great Tailgating Tips For Game Day

Cook Before

Try and cook everything before you arrive. The beauty of the tailgate is the food of course. But also the people and friends you make when you are at it. So by cooking most of the food, it allows you more time to socialize with others.

Get There Early

We are talking at least 3-4 hours before the game. This gives you the best spot and allows you to set up and enjoy everything before you need to pack it all back up again.

Set A Mark

Tailgates are packed. It is often hard to find family and friends in such a tightly packed and busy area. A great way to mark your spot is to tie a big colourful balloon to the top of your truck or RV. You friends will never lose you.

Clean Up

Make sure that you clean up after yourself. Collect and bag all the beer cans and throw away the leftover food and supplies in the right trash cans. Failing to do this may result in a ban by the organization.

Team Up

Bigger the better, so try and make lots of friends. By the time the season is over, you will have a large fun group of people and you can even combine all your food as well.

Want To Make Tailgating Easier?

Store all your tailgating supplies with us at Stop and Store York. Come grab your stuff before the game and drop it off after. No need to clutter up your garage and home with stuff you only use once a week and part of the year.


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