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Reasons to Store a Classic Car or Truck

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Reasons to Store Classic Car or Truck

Back from a great road trip in your collector car. You are safe and sound but is your car going to be? Where will it be until the next trip? In the driveway?  In an open lot or field. Here are four reasons to store your car or truck in a covered or indoor self storage facility instead.

  • Prevent weather damage

The elements can be hard on your valuable vehicle.  Over time heat, cold, snow, or hail will wear down your paint. Strong winter sunlight will damage your tires. Dashboards and seating can dry out and crack. Snow load can cause serious roof damage. In general, plastics do not respond well to UV exposure or heat. In general, plastics do not respond well to UV exposure or heat.

  • Prevent chemical damage

Have you considered the chemical reactions from bird droppings? How about acid rain? Does your area have coal-burning power plants or chemicals which will deposit on your roof and fixtures eating away for months until you wash down your unit in spring?girl, pickup, truck, classic

  • Prevent theft/vandalism

Your valuable car is a lure for thieves and vandals. It invites people to hotwire it and drive off. Others will vandalize it out of envy and spite. It should come as no surprise that there are those who envy your car and would damage your car for no other reason than to damage it. Deprive them of the chance by storing in a security-protected facility.

  • Save on insurance    

Most insurers will reduce insurance premiums while you store your car because they know that theft and damage claims plunge for cars in indoor storage. That can add up to substantial savings on monthly insurance premiums which means more money for the next trip.

  • Peace of Mind

Knowing that your car or truck is safe and under 24-hour camera surveillance makes for one less thing you have to worry about. Life is stressful enough. Let a storage facility worry about storing your car so you can busy yourself with plotting your next great adventure.

In Dillsburg, York and Dover we usually have dozens of truck and cars parked for winter.  We offer ½ price for your first two months.

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