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Storage Unit Cleaning Tips

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You clean your home, you clean your car, well why don’t you clean your storage unit? You want your items to remain in good condition right? That starts with a clean unit, over time your unit becomes dusty and messy. Now that fall is here, take a moment to give it a quick clean with these storage unit cleaning tips.

Storage Unit Cleaning

Don’t you hate having trouble finding that one item in a messy unit? Well no more, follow these tips to ensure the cleanest unit in the building!

  • Remove everything from the unit
  • Group each item by most used to permanently staying
  • Grab a broom and start sweeping out that unit, collect the debris in trash bags to be thrown out
  • Wipe down all the big items like furniture and boxes, dust is not good
  • This is optional, but go through each box and label what’s inside if you didn’t do so in the start
  • Decide what is going to be thrown out or sold and place it accordingly
  • Take photos of the items you plan to sell, no need to have them on hand, you can meet your buyer here!
  • Protect furniture with sheets
  • Finally, move them back into the unit, good job!

Cleaning your unit once every season is a great way to maintain your items and free up space. It gives you an opportunity to have a think about those items you stored last year that you weren’t sure if you would keep or not. We at Stop and Store York also appreciate customers who keep our place nice and tidy. Just be sure to throw away your garbage and not to block in other customers.

As always, Stop and Store York is Friendly, reliable and always here for you, call us today! Now offering great rates on long-term self storage!

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