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Where to Store & Hide Valentines Day Gifts

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With Valentines Day around the corner, you may be wondering where to hide your valentines day gifts. Keep your loved one surprised with these clever places to hide your gifts.

Hide Valentines Day Gifts

Rent a Storage Unit

If you don’t already have a storage unit, consider renting one for a month. At Stop and Store York we have a 50% OFF Your First 2 Months promotion on. You may realize that a storage unit is much more useful than just hiding your gifts.


While your garage might seem too obvious, if you are clever, your gifts won’t be found. Trying hiding them inside toolboxes, lawnmower bag or inside sporting goods bags. Just make sure that where you decide to hide, no chemicals or smells can leak into the packages.

At Work

Assuming you don’t work together with your significant other, using your place of work to hide gifts is great. It’s even better if you can have your packages sent directly to your work for that added element of sneakiness.

In Your Car

Again, assuming you don’t share a car, it could be the best place to hide gifts. Be careful because if your car gets broken into, your gift might be stolen.

In Plain Sight

No one expects to find a gift that’s hiding in plain sight. By using inconspicuous packaging and hiding your gift in a closet or pantry, your significant other is less likely to notice. If they are actively looking for a gift, the last places they will check are commonly used areas.

Stop and Store York wishes you and your loved ones a happy Valentines Day!

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