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Are You Too Old for a DIY Move?

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If you are looking to get ready to move and you are thinking to DIY move, maybe you should think again. There comes a point where we are grown up and doing a move without help might be a waste of time and money. Find out here if you are too old or grown up to do that next move alone.

Signs You Are Too Old For a DIY Move

1. Time is A LOT of Money

If you are working a job that does not afford time off or you are a business owner, taking time off might cost a lot. If you do the math and the amount that you will loose by moving is more than it will cost to hire someone, well, hire someone. You won’t have to deal with any of that moving stress, bonus!

2. You Are Fragile

We don’t mean your feelings, we mean your joints, bones and muscles. If something like a move is going to do a number on your back and joints, then maybe time to call in professionals. It simply isn’t worth the health risk to try and DIY move. Becoming injured could also mean having to take time off work, losing you money, maybe even a job, yikes!

3. You’re Flush

With cash and lots of it! Well actually, you don’t need a lot of money to move, but if you can spare it, you might as well. The amount of stress you will save yourself will most definitely be worth it. Plus you can focus on the bigger picture, like getting a new doctor or a new school for the kids.

4. You Have Expensive Things

Have you graduated from the IKEA way of life? Then maybe you shouldn’t trust yourself carrying all that expensive furniture around corners and down stairs. In fact, if you want to take your time with your expensive things, you could rent a storage unit in the meantime while you figure out the new layout of your home. You stuff is much safer undisturbed.

If you have answered YES to most of these, then you are too old to be moving your stuff alone, get some help.

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